Contribution . . . The Key to Collective Momentum

If we look at any team sport, each team member has a very specific role in the functioning of the team to be able to score goals and ultimately, to win. Teams in the workplace are no different. Every member of the team needs to be fully engaged and adding to the team progress and success for the team to win. When every team member is contributing 100% in their role toward their team winning, the opposition finds it so much more difficult to gain ground, i.e. gain market share, and score, i.e. win over your customers.

In our experience in working with teams, there are so many reasons why people disengage and start to give less to their role, team and company. Whether it is conflict in the workplace, boredom in their role or something on a personal level, a lack of 100% contribution has a really big negative effect on the team. When I say big, I mean big!

Consider the collective amount of underperformance if everyone in the company is working at an average of 70% contribution . . . that equates to 30% of the required work not being done, 30% of the customer engagement not being up to standard to keep them coming back and as a company, paying for 100% when you only getting 70% return . . . that is 30% of the month you are sponsoring your team . . .

Non-contributing team members, no matter the degree of non-contribution, are not just reducing the team’s chances of winning, but even worse, they are preventing their team from scoring because they are an obstruction to the team and getting in the way!

Now that I have your attention, the impact of 100% contribution has The exponential potential to catapult your business toward success.

Contributing team members create the momentum that the team needs to score, and ultimately to win! Contributing members feel a great sense of accomplishment, they are energised, they motivate the rest of the team, they are committed, and ultimately, they are adding to your company success as Most Valuable Players in the field of our business – no pun intended ? .

Let’s look at ourselves first. So how do you get yourself to contribute more?

  • Remember why you love the company, what it does, the clients that it serves, and those you work alongside.
  • Get excited about the impact your company is having on its clients and their success.
  • Look after your health so that you have the stamina to be able to give your 100% all day.
  • Try and get rid of emotional issues that are getting in the way of you doing your job properly.
  • Up-skill yourself in your role.

If you are in a leadership role, you are a lead catalyst in the levels of contribution from your team. You may be wondering, “How do I lead in such a way that I encourage contribution?” We love helping leaders! 

Here are some of our best tips:

  • Re-establish why you do what you do as a team . . . get excited about your purpose!
  • Get everyone playing to their strengths. Team members must be doing something in line with their behavioural strengths.
  • Show everyone appreciation in their Language of Appreciation.
  • Equip each person with what they need in order for them to be able to do their jobs 100%.
  • Watch the team’s energy levels. They must be encouraged to look after themselves physically for optimum performance.
  • Celebrate the small wins . . . Success breeds success!

Be the most valuable player on your field, support those around you and those you lead!

Valuable players are seen, appreciated and celebrated . . .

Increased Contribution is the Key to Collective Momentum in your team and business!