When we are able to appreciate what others bring to our company through their skills we are no longer intimidated or threatened by their skills, but rather, we respect them more for what they do.  In turn, as we respect them more for, we earn respect from them.  Respect is earned. We have to give it to get it.  Everyone wants to feel that what they do in the workplace matters.  Respect each other’s skills offering.  Celebrate when someone increases their skills.  Recognize when they use those skills!  Everyone is supposed to bring something unique and powerful to the team through their skill set . . . appreciate and respect those skills!


Within a team, respect is a game changer when it comes to unity and teamwork!  Acceptance is the first step in respecting each other.  We need to accept that people are different to us, have something different to offer the team, and yes, sometimes have a different opinion to us.  We have to accept that this is okay and that we don’t always have to be the only one with the right view point or perspective. Others in our team are equally valuable (despite what you make think if yourself of the others in your team).  If you can see that their value does not reduce your value, it will be easier for you to be inclusive of other peoples’ ideas, opinions and offering to the team.  Respecting others in the team is the ability to see each other’s value to the customer, team and business as valuable and influential to the success of the team.

If there is one group of people that get automatic respect, it is your customer!  They are the reason for your company’s existence . . .  and thus the reason for the company to require you within the team to look after that client through what you do.  As a business, our focus should be on the customer 100%.  If the customer is happy, you have a good chance of success.  We need to respect our customers, even when they are difficult . . . yes, this is difficult to do, but will go a long way to keeping your customers.   Customers are not an inconvenience . . . they are not an interruption . . . Every customer engagement is an opportunity to re-establish the working relationship.  Customers love it when they feel that they are respected and valued in the working relationship.  Respect builds a foundation for long term customer relationships!

Let’s just put it out there . . . Staff generally don’t trust leadership.  They are sceptical about your motivation and intensions and often feel that leaders are getting them to do ‘all the work’ while leaders ‘just go to meeting after meeting’.  In our 18 years of team and leadership development, we have heard it all!  Of course, we are not referring to your team . . .  (a little humour helps us as leaders to accept and work with these incorrect perceptions).  It’s your responsibility as the leader to earn the respect of your team.  Do you want to be liked, or respected?  You will be liked if you are respected, but not necessarily respected if you are liked.  Let’s qualify that statement . . . if you are respected, one thing you may have been doing to gain that respect is to act fairly to the whole team (even when making difficult decisions, but fair decisions) and for that, you will be liked.  Earn the respect of your team and they will flourish in the environment of mutual respect.