The Success Company, founded in 2000, consults to many of South Africa’s leading companies in the area of Business Growth by equipping the staff to be able to delight their customers, focussing on Customer feedback, Skills, Team & Leadership Development.  As a business, The Success Company has experienced the incredible potential customer feedback has to grow income exponentially when businesses are customer obsessed and continually improve and innovate according to what customers want. 
Based on The Success Company’s foundational belief that ‘Your Customer’s Perception is Your Reality’, they have passionately built the business to ensure that their customers experience the reality of the value add that The Success Company offers keeps them coming back for more.   The tailor made solutions offered by The Success Company makes them totally unique in their offering and service to their customers.
The Success Company helps customers internationally to build great businesses by listening to the desires of the customers and moulding their business and service around those desires.  The combination of Customer Surveys, Leadership Development, Team Development & Skills Development equip businesses for success as they delight their customers by being ultra efficient and knowledgeable.  
The Success Company Team is made up of passionate, driven experts in their fields, ready to ignite individuals in business to perform at optimal levels and create a loyal customer base.