Customer Experience Service

Continuous Improvement to Ensure Growth Through Great Customer Experience

Monthly Interventions:

Monthly Customer Experience Survey

The Success Company will contact an agreed number of your customers from that specific month to find out how they feel about your company, staff & service. Being independent, we get great honest feedback!

Monthly Feeback To Management

We know that you would love to know what your customers are saying about your company, staff & service. We will meet with your management team

to share the customer feedback from that particular month so that you can agree on improvement measures.

Specialised Training Addressing Issues

We will tailor monthly training according to the customer feedback so that each of the issues is dealt with. This tailored training will be highly effective, whilst at the same time incredibly fun and enjoyable.

By training in line with the specific issues monthly, we can fix the issues each month, ensuring huge improvement!

The process is repeated each month so that we deal with relevant and current customer experience feedback to continually improve service to them and future customers.

Annual Interventions:

Full Day Team Build

Keep your team inspired and united in their drive to keep your customers super happy and coming back again and again.

Your team will enjoy a full day outcomes based team build, complete with activities, inspirational alignment of the activities and outcomes, and a huge amount of fun!

Inspirational Event / Talk

Your team will be treated to a two hour event, including an inspirational talk that will challenge them to think differently about their role, how they see clients and how they see their role in the business success.

Huge value, great results!

Inspiration is the fire that ignites you and makes your team burn with passion.

Minimum 12 month agreement


  • Monthly Customer Experience Survey (telephonic)
  • Monthly Management Feedback Session
  • Tailoring of training according to Customer Feedback monthly
  • Tailored Training of staff relating to the specific areas of Customer Feedback
  • 1 x Full day team build (maximum 120 people) in the 12 month period
  • 2 hour Inspirational talk / event in the 12 month period

“Customers are everything to us and our business. We know that without them, we are nothing. The feedback from The Success Company was invaluable and priceless as was the voice of our customer and shared what they are currently feeling. We could address real and tangible issues that were impacting our brand, image and reputation. The entire experience in dealing with The Success Company has been so enjoyable as they used activity based training to equip our team and sort out the customer related issues. We are motivated, inspired and equipped, thus able to provide better service to our customers. Our customers have complimented us on the changes we have made as a result of the feedback and training. The proof is in the pudding . . . our customers are returning and new customers using us. Thank you to The Success Company!”

– Sales Director, Manufacturing Industry Company

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