People who Work Well with Their Colleagues
= More Productive People
= More Productive Company
= Company Success!

Team Building

Why our Team Builds Work

Tailored team building. No ‘one size fits all’.

We are not events co-ordinators. WE BUILD TEAMS!

The SUCCESS Programme

Why are you co-ordinating the training when you have so many strategic things to do in your job? Is this where your time, effort and energy is best spent?  We don’t think so . . .

Be free of the administrative headache and focus on where your time is best spent!

Team Building

Why our Team Builds Work

  • Tailored team building. No ‘one size fits all’.
  • We are not events co-ordinators. WE BUILD TEAMS!

THE SUCCESS COMPANY designs all our team builds around the specific reason you want to run a team build. We aim for sustainability of all team building events. No more team building that costs a lot and doesn’t make a difference in the workplace! Everything about our team building is designed to ensure that the team build pulls people out of the rut they’re in – and keeps them out of it.

We combine our leadership and team development facilitation skills with team building activities to ensure you get real take-home value from the team build.

For the corporate adventure of a lifetime, enquire about the amazing Team Building. No more ‘boring’ Team Building. NO! Only ultimate adventure for all profile groups. Whether your group is adventurous or not so adventurous, activity-minded, or not so activity-minded, THE SUCCESS COMPANY will tailor an adventure second to none for you!

“Thank you for all you have done with our team building, my leadership team, and getting me on track. It has been phenominal, and we will definitely continue!” – Vegmoflora Accessories


The SUCCESS Programme

Mobilising YOUR business for SUCCESS!

  • Do you have great plans for SUCCESS for your business?
  • Do your staff know how to drive your business towards SUCCESS?
  • Your business can be SUCCESSFUL in record time if everyone is working towards SUCCESS!

The SUCCESS Programme Pillars:

The Leadership SUCCESS Journey:
Equipping the Leadership with Success Skills to lead the team effectively and drive SUCCESS.

The Team SUCCESS Journey:
Equipping the Team with Success Skills to drive the company towards SUCCESS. Every session is activity and participation based . . . almost like a mini team build! No session is complete without an individual and team Action Plan so that everyone knows how they need to contribute personally and as a team!

How The Success Programme Works:

The SUCCESS Programme takes place over a minimum of 3 months.

Why so long, you ask? Well, sustainable change takes place when elements of change are presented in small ‘bite size’ portions. People need time to practice the new elements (usually for 21 days) for new habits to be formed, resulting in sustainable change for SUCCESS!

Monthly time consideration – Small time investment for great business reward . . .

  • 1 x 2 ½ hr SUCCESS Strategy Session with all of the staff addressing the SUCCESS topics.
  • 1 x 90 minute Leadership SUCCESS Journey session with the leaders equipping them to implement topics in the team.
  • 10 minutes per week where the leader shares with the team the reminder for the week.


“I have been on many ‘team building’ events with past companies, and have always walked away from them feeling excited but with NO purpose or direction. When dealing with THE SUCCESS COMPANY, it was a totally different story. My company walked away from there with a VISION that we bought into, and the ENERGY and PURPOSE towards the goals we had set.” – Ryan Jones (Three Peaks Management)

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The Success Programme Modules:

The Success Programme Modules:

Team Goals & Brand Pride

Team Values and the Power of Strengths

My Influence

My Contribution

Business Understanding


Relationship Building

Client Care

Intra Team – Characteristics of a Winning Team

Communication between Teams in Business

Inter Team strategies – Overcoming common issues between teams

Change in the Workplace

Role Clarification

Strategic Planning

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